Norwegian rapper from Oslo whose on a journey of seducing the world with a poetic lyrical approach to music that you have not seen since the progressive rock era in the 70´s.

Ever since he started rapping back in ’05, MesAyah has focused on the listeners and provided them with something new. He wants to evoke feelings and thoughts both on a personal and collective level, and let the audience get more out of the lyrics when giving them another listen. MesAyah has an artistic approach, allowing the listener to interpret his music in their own way rather than adopting his beliefs.

“The moment you as a filmmaker ,or any other type of artist, wants the audience to feel exactly the way you are feeling, you have to stop making art, cause that will never happen.”

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    [Lyrics] Alone 03:29
  2. 2 MesAyah - Children Of War Live spoken word @ radio free your mind 03:36
  3. 3 Free Bridge over beloved waters Acoustic 04:12
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    Bridge over beloved waters

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    Bridge over beloved waters 04:05
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    One Step Forward

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    One Step Forward 04:25
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    Running Away

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    Running Away 02:11
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    Footsteps 03:17
  8. 8 Painted Perfect 00:03
  9. 9 Big Fish Live at XOHIPHOP 00:07

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A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 205 

Day 205
topic: Pride
Topic given by Michael Kobernus

I take pride in the reflections
burned into my iris so I can expand my viewing angle
I bare the pride in my arms
when I can say, I have changed
based on my perception and patience
it took an immense effort
to dive into the thought patterns
that was buried inside of my conciousness
but now I am here
reflective thoughts
the glimpse of a still picture on my Iris
of who I am
and in the back you can still see who I was
I have to… Read more

A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 204 

Day 204
Topic: Joy
Topic given by Karlenegabriel

Joy may refer to happiness
Joy my refer to myself
Joy is a production of emotion
Joy is the spread of my cells

Joy is the main part of enjoyment
Joy emerge from enlightenment
Joy equals endarment
Joy derive from my self

Senses touch
Cherish yourself
Realize the dream you caught
Equality is just a number
Arm yourself with joy
Mind is love

A 365 daily Challenge: Day 203 

Day 203
Topic: Perception of time
Topic given by Mark Consani

I lost the ability to get away
Could no longer pause the moments
My perception of time was all of the sudden correct
Yesterday when I was young
Does not exist today
It feels old
My mind, body and cliches are worn out
The more I stick myself to the past
The more aware I am about the time passing

I try living in the now
Enjoying what time can produce
No progression
Or at least not fast enough
As I chase a secure future for myself
No… Read more

A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 202 

Day 202
Topic: A sip of coffee
Topic given by Julunar

brewed to stimulate
mornings awake
in the steam from the coffee pot
the mist creates the image of anticipation
waiting for the sound
instant high pitch
pushing the holy brown fluid through the grinded beans
still bubbling
intense steam boiling through the lid
It is done

I pour it slowly
let the cup caress the aroma
it breathes out its taste
I assemble my lips
careful sip
as I dare not to burn myself
It wil ruin the moment I have been… Read more

A 365 daily challenge : Day 201 

Day 201
Topic: Jealousy
Topic given by alexplatypus

In my most selfish fantasies
I crave for jealousy
I morph into a young being
Of emotion and frustration
Were I believe my attributes to be definite

I turn into something less
I nourish a self hate
Let it grow inside of me
Entangling insanity in my thought fibres
I act like a child again
Proclaiming my property
What was intended to be mine
When I know no such thing has ever existed

I am jealous
Inhuman inside humanity
I carried something created… Read more


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